Tall Beautiful Women with Short Ordinary Men

Published: 15th February 2011
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Tall men tend to be envied by men who are less vertically blessed. Sports was probably easier for them during puberty and so was getting the cutest girls in high-school. When they grew up their height may have enhanced their career to some degree, if statistics showing that taller men earn more are to be believed.

Now tallness in women is another story. A large percent of women over 6 feet tall feel uncomfortable about their height due to the focus it has brought on them. Although society offers many niches for taller women, such as fashion, modeling or athletics, extreme height in women is often perceived as unusual and something that generates amazement.

No matter what society says about how tall women should be, approaching taller women has considered benefits. People will assume you are either rich or good in bed. But before approaching taller women for romantic reasons, there are specific things you may want to remember.

Listed below, are what the author considers as being the most important.

First, do not assume that she will say, No

This is what most shorter men assume and they never act. She knows this because she probably gets fewer requests, especially if she is exceptionally tall. By acting differently than your demographic you come across as being unique. In addition, you send the message that you do not see height and this creates comfort.

Prepare for potential defensiveness

Very tall women often carry a fortress around them. She started building it at an early age to hide and defend a fragile self-esteem based on appearance. When getting close to a taller woman do not become intimidated from this overwhelming but phoney outer shell. Also, act secure and unaffected from the annoying stares coming your way and you will generate comfort. Women respond favorably when comfortable.

Do not talk about her height!

You need to understand that 'height' has been the most likely topic of many a conversation and she is probably tired of hearing more about it. Catch her off-guard by not referring to height whenever approaching a taller woman. Because it is an obvious point, you make yourself come across as original and witty. Compliment her on a non-physical attribute like her sociability or intelligence and you have much better success. Even if she says no, she will probably remember you for good reasons.

Compliment her about her legs

This may sound contradictory to the previous paragraph but it is true. Complimenting a very tall woman on her finest bodily feature by telling her how sexy her legs are, never hurts. Tall women have limbs that go on forever. A few additional inches make ordinary legs look exceptionally attractive. Marketing specialists and fashion companies know this. By expressing adoration for her legs, you will make her feel like a model and she will love you for it. Don't do this right away though. Wait about 10 minutes or so into the conversation before you complement her.

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