Do Women Prefer Tall Men?

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Published: 13th January 2011
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Being a tall man is more like a beauty standard in society. It's considered attractive and powerful, and associated with dominant. It is a preference and not to be confused for an attraction.

Sometimes tall men wonder if women want them for their height only. It is a factor. Tall men, in general, find dating much easier than to short men. But looks and personality can override height. Although it might be harder to attract tons of women if you are short, finding someone to love will be no different.

Tall men definitely have more advantages in dating. Let's consider online dating, for example. Many women won't even search for profiles that are under 5'10" in height. This search feature definitely benefits tall men more. Anyone who is over 5'10" tall will be noticed. Those under that number will filtered out. This is harsh.

Tall men may not have to work hard to stand out, but they do have to make an effort to be remembered as something other than "that tall guy.

Yes, most women seem to prefer tall men. Women think that tall men are handsome, stronger and more protective. It's a good feeling for a woman to look up and feel small and feminine. But just because you are tall you aren't providing everything that a woman wants. Women have very specific needs. That is why tall men get rejected all the time too.

Women really do like tall men but it isn't always enough to make her happy. Being tall is good for the first impression but you will need more than height and looks to keep her hooked. Qualities such as kindness, respect and other attributes such as an interesting life, play a more dominant role.

If you are a tall man, it will be easier for you to meet women. If you are a tall guy, it's much easier to meet more women of any height and give great first impression. Women do like men who look nice and tall.

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